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Ikat: The Essential Handbook to Weaving Resist-Dyed Cloth

This book is your introduction to the fundamentals of a resurging trend in woven cloth: ikat. Award-winning weaver and instructor Mary Zicafoose has spent more than 30 years exploring the possibilities of ikat and now shares her wealth of knowledge with you. Dig into the pages of this handbook to discover:

• Historical background on ikat with gorgeous visual references.
• Instruction in warp, weft, and double ikat techniques, written and illustrated in clear sequential steps.
• Instructions to build ikat wrapping boards.
• Synthetic and indigo dye system recipes and procedures.
• Compelling projects with detailed instruction taking you from undyed yarn to woven ikat cloth.
• Examples of contemporary and classic ikat created by a range of diversely talented dyers and weavers.

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